Friday, June 29, 2012


Guys the keyboard combination of Alt +Tab has been an easy switch between open windows without touching your mouse.When you press Tab while holding down the Alt key ,a floating palette displays the icons of running programs.Keep holding down the Alt keyand each time you press Tab again,you highlight the next icon.When you release the keys ,the highlighted program jumps to the front so you can work with it .This keyboard shortcut works with all version of Windows.

Tricks with Alt +Tab
Add shift to move backward

Add the Ctrl key to lock the display ,so you dont have to keep the alt key hold down.Just tab to the icon you want then press Space bar or Enter to select the active icon

How to activate Flip 3D:
Press the Windows logo key + Tab to "Flip" between the open windows.
If you keep your finger on the windows logo key , you will see a 3-dimensional view of your windows

Next ,navigate through the deck of windows with one of these techniques:
Tap the Tab key repeatedly .Add the Shift key to move backward through the tabs When the window you want is front ,release the key .The 3-D stack vanishes the important window appears before you at full size
Turn your mouse's scroll wheel toward you.Roll it away to move backward.

Psesistent 3-D Flip

Windows 7 also includes a variation of Areo flip called Persistent 3-D flip.This handy shortcut which eliminates the need to keep holding down keys .
Press the Windows Logo key +Ctrl +Tab.Release the Windows Logo Key and Ctrl and the Flip choices stay in place.
To flip through the open windows without having to hold down any keys using arrows or press Tab to navigate through each window or use mouses wheel
Press Enter or the Esc key to maximize the selected window

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